Interior Design Styles 2011

Interior Design Styles 2011, Contemporary or modern interior design styles emphasize on sleek, clear cut, and clutter-free interiors. Minimal furniture and accessories are used. Fabrics with geometrical designs on them are used. Ample space utilization and high functionality medieval look and gives a very dark and heavy look to the house, so it should be chosen only by those who have a large house. In a Gothic house, solid wood furniture, hardwood flooring, wrought iron accessories are used.

 A wooden ceiling and a stone fireplace is a must in a Gothic house. Fabrics used are very heavy and rich. Golden touches are given at various places in the house to give it a brighter look home interior design styles are meant for those who prefer their homes to be comfortable, relaxing and inviting. Large furniture items, such as country style furniture, layered fabrics and whole lots of accessories such as lamps