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Team China Tongji University, Y Container

Team China Tongji University, Y Container
Team China's U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011 entry, Y Container, combines six recycled shipping containers into a succinct, Y-shaped solar house. Y Container is easy to transport, assemble, and expand—providing the freedom to live anywhere with low costs and clean energy. It is a living house that can contain the energy, water, and plants required for an individual to enjoy an independent and natural lifestyle.

SINTO Training Programme

The recent spell of warm weather may not be an Indian Summer to be pedantic. (Of course, for librarians, pedantry is not an insult but rather a job description). However, it does remind us that the summer is over and winter is on its way - so it is time for the SINTO Winter 2011-2012 training programme.

SINTO was expecting problems in delivering a training programme during 2011 and 2012. We knew that training budgets were likely to be limited. Also we have been emphasising that our training programme relates to workforce development, in other words providing staff with the skills that are needed to achieve the future strategic goals of the library service. But what are those strategic goals? Continuing uncertainty about the level of future funding and the exact impact this will have on the service makes it difficult to plan ahead. Beyond that there are big questions about where library service should be going. For public libraries that is represented by the debate about the Future Libraries project. The outcome of all this is that library leaders (and yes, I am talking to you!) find it difficult to know what their library service will look like in the next few years and therefore what skills they should be providing for library staff.

SINTO's response has been to listen to its members and to provide a lead - identifying future needs and offering a programme that will meet these needs. Our Preparing for the Future programme is an integrated programme of workforce development events and activities. The goal is to strengthen the link between training outcomes and the strategic goals of the library and its parent organisation.

This is what we have to offer over the next 6 months.

Advocacy. It is probably too late to tell your decision makers how good the library service is after cuts have been proposed. Advocacy has to be 24/7 - an integral part of everything we do. Two linked workshops; Gaining support and influence: an introduction to advocacy and Measuring and communicating impact: advanced advocacy; will give staff at all levels the skills to promote the service.

Copyright. Essential for everyone working with published information. This day will be in two parts - in the morning, an introduction to copyright and in the afternoon, an update on recent developments. You can book for either or both parts. The workshop is lead by copyright expert Graham Cornish.

Training skills. The ability to provide training to small groups is a key skill for library staff. Whether it is staff training or providing instruction to library users, staff need the skills and knowledge to be effective. A two day course.

Answering enquiries. A repeat and update of the successful Enquiry desk techniques events that we have run in the past this workshop will cover the essential interaction with the enquirer - whether they are face to face or remote - and the skills needed to find the information. So much is changing in libraries but this remains a core competence for library staff.

Effective communication. No matter how good you are, if you don't communicate well you (and your organisation) will achieve nothing. Is there a secret to being a 'great communicator'? This workshop will explore communication in the work setting from both a theoretical and a practical standpoint.

Perhaps you don't know exactly where your library service will be in 5 years time but this package of skills will help the library workforce respond to the challenges they will face.

King County, Washington, Camping Container Cabin.

 King County in Washington has about 26,000 acres of parks and open spaces with trails, trees, and streams.  To help people stay overnight in these areas, the county held a design competition -- Little Footprint, Big Forest. A converted 20 foot Shipping Contaier, ISBU was used to make a camping Cabin. Designed by Hybrid Architecture the wining design REtain.

Flagler College - St Agustine

Flagler College - St Agustine

A group of Flagler College students from the Free Enterprise student group has been working on a unique project – converting a shipping container into living space.

Flagler College Free Enterprise student group advisor, Donna DeLorenzo, says “the project started over a year ago when two students came up with ideas for converting waste material into homes.”
Link: Flagler College - St Agustine

How many texts do YOU send?!

Business Insider figures suggest that 18-24-year olds are sending on average 55 texts per day.

Although this might seem quite high, Roger James in his June 'Outside the Box' feature introduces us to Allison Miller, a 14-year old who sends and receives 27,000 texts per month.

Bedroom Interior Painting Ideas

Bedroom Interior Painting Ideas, Latest bedroom interior painting ideas beauty bedroom best color tips best choose colors transform drab, boring room coloring ceiling works modern bedroom interior painting brown blue together bedroom wall ceilings implemented basictools painting the specific sheets prevent Painting walls bedroom darker color will look bedroom coats brush 
Bedroom Interior Painting Pictures 1
Bedroom Interior Painting Pictures 2
Bedroom Interior Painting Pictures 3
Bedroom Interior Painting Pictures 4
Bedroom Interior Painting Pictures 5

very important bedroom interior painting ideas paint color scheme  room furniture, accessories window modern bedroom interior painting ideas grate look 2011

Home Interior Painting Tips 2011

Home Interior Painting Tips 2011, Best home interior painting tips good looking ideas a modern new home interior painting tips best plan layout painting home interior painting tips best choose colors transform a drab, boring room implemented basic tools painting the specific sheets prevent home interior painting tips getting spoiled  paint best home interior painting tips coats natural pressure brush very important prepared artificially paint home interior painting tips exteriors base bristles
Home Interior Painting Photos 1
Home Interior Painting Photos 2
Home Interior Painting Photos 3
Home Interior Painting Photos 4
Home Interior Painting Photos 5
Home Interior Painting Photos 6

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Interior Painting Techniques

Interior Painting Techniques, Good looking new interior painting techniques is a best ideas than home interior painting techniques implemented basic tools painting the specific rooms, interior painting techniques good looking home bedroom painting best home color prescribed number of coats natural pressure brush very important  prepared artificially paint interior painting techniques kitchen, contrast color floor ceiling base of the  bristles, interior painting techniques door 
Interior Painting Techniques Images 1
Interior Painting Techniques Images 2
Interior Painting Techniques Images 3
Interior Painting Techniques Images 4
Interior Painting Techniques Images 5
Interior Painting Techniques Images 6
Interior Painting Techniques Images 7

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Bedroom Interiors Painting Designs 2011

Bedroom Interiors Painting Designs 2011, bedroom interiors painting designs latest best color loo mellow yellow fresh greens red,  room painting ideas best would bedroom interiors painting designs look good looking best home painting best plan grate layout 2011 teenage bedroom design with clean, strip paint would prefer, because favorite colors following bedroom interiors painting designs
Bedroom Interiors Painting Pictures 1
Bedroom Interiors Painting Pictures 2
Bedroom Interiors Painting Pictures 3
Bedroom Interiors Painting Pictures 4
Bedroom Interiors Painting Pictures 5
Bedroom Interiors Painting Pictures 6

best celebrated a 50th anniversary, bedroom painting is a great way best color times painted calculate home decorating painting companies bedroom interiors painting designs 2011

Wall Painting Designs

Wall Painting Designs, The wall painting designs techniques decorative home wall painting designs plan best layout good ideas   home wall panting living room painting best bedroom wall paint is a good looking shade of the base wall color is dark, sponge the wall with clean, strip paint wall painting designs cutouts reproduce design shape following home wall painting design ideas to 
Wall Painting Designs Photos 1
Wall Painting Designs Photos 2
Wall Painting Designs Photos 3
Wall Painting Designs Photos 4
Wall Painting Designs Photos 5
Wall Painting Designs Photos 6

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Interior Painting Ideas 2011

Interior Painting Ideas 2011, Best new interior painting ideas is a good painting ideas for home living room painting best bedroom paint is a good looking new color red pink best color look 2011 than scrape walls clean, strip paint, wallpaper interior painting doors, frames, windows, through design cutouts reproduce design shape 
 Interior Painting Images 1
 Interior Painting Images 2
 Interior Painting Images 3
Interior Painting Images 4
Interior Painting Images 5
Interior Painting Images 6

interior painting ideas following home interior painting ideas colors will look during different times painted calculate the interior painting ideas look 2011

Twitter analytics tool

Twitter has announced the imminent launch of Twitter Web Analytics, a tool designed to help users monitor the flow of traffic from Twitter to their websites.

The tool will help website owners assess website traffic driven by Twitter, as well as the level of content sharing across the Twitter user network.

Twitter Web Analytics is currently being tested by a pilot group, and should be rolled later this year.

Mr Box Container Café, Milton Keynes, U.K.

Mr Box Container Café, Milton Keynes, U.K.
Mr Box was asked by Milton Keynes gallery to produce a container to be used as a coffee bar to form part of the city's 40th anniversary celebrations. The open-sided container was painted a particular lime green and the interior decorated by artist Richard Woods with one of his signature, hand-painted Logo patterns. The Artist's mock timber pattern in black and white offers a visually arresting back drop to the fully functioning coffee bar.

Café Froebe, Linz, Austria

Café Froebe, Linz, Austria, very unusall hydraulic system to lift side and corner to reveal a cafe, more artsy than particle and wouldn't want to be under that if it failed?

When David met Victoria: Forging a strong family brand

SAGE Insight | September 13, 2011 at 8:00 am | Tags: branding, entertainment industry, familiness, qualitative analysis, The Beckhams | Categories: Business & Management | URL:

See a fascinating piece of research on understanding the features that make a family brand work for free. This article seeks to understand how distinctive family brands are created. Recent studies in family business have focused on the benefits for a firm to be known as family owned or family controlled. And if you're interested in developing your personal brand, look at BIR,2010, 27/1 for Rob Brown/s article on reputation management.

Tropical Interior Design 2011

Tropical Interior Design 2011, Looking tropical interior design is a very nice look should be taken that modern looking, tropical interior design look grate look would based on clean clear lines latest the color tropical interior design new latest ideas to nature, green, blue white large designer accent that make the best tropical interior design like bright colors, tropical decorating, such colors which remind green natural light would color themes style tropical interior design ideas, window space good ideas the ceiling look would 
Tropical Interior Design Pics 1
Tropical Interior Design Pics 2
Tropical Interior Design Pics 3
Tropical Interior Design Pics 4
Tropical Interior Design Pics 5
Tropical Interior Design Pics 6
Tropical Interior Design Pics 7

tropical interior design windows a clutter free and simple look, which is serene tropical interiors textures, clean clear with straight lines accessory tropical interior design will be incomplete is plants is a good looking 2011 ideas