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SnapSpace Solutions, Brewer, Maine, Container Office,

SnapSpace Solutions, Brewer, Maine, Container Office,
SnapSpace Solutions is striving to tap into the increased global interest in the use of modular steel containers as intermodal steel building units (ISBU) for construction applications such as housing, storage, modular space, or mobile technological housings.  ISBU technology is on the forefront of efficient, durable, low-cost structural architecture.

Ecotech Build, Container home, Mojave Desert, California

Ecotech Build, Container home, Mojave Desert, California
A prototype hybrid house, also known as the Tim Palen Studio at Shadow Mountain is the first repurposed container home permitted and built in the Mojave Desert. Based on the fuel-efficient Prius automobile engineering concept, the residence combines the energy and production efficiencies of diverse pre-engineered building and energy systems working together seamlessly to produce a smooth-running hybrid green machine for living.

Financial Times launches new Android app

The Financial Times has launched a new version of its Android app which has been designed to maximise the user interface and other features of Android devices.

The app includes features which are increasingly popular with magazine and newspaper apps including automatic content updates and offline access.

Mobile access is a key area of growth for the Financial times and is now the biggest channel for digital subscriptions.

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Successful Home Interior Design Ideas

Successful Home Interior Design Ideas, best interior design and decorating websites for free education. Interior designers never stop learning and with the vast amount of areas of knowledge we have to understand and be able to keep up to date with is staggering! So stick around and find some ways to keep your education progressing client brief is where the designer finds out exactly the parameters of the client's project. 

The designer is then able to provide a positive drawers and cupboards never to be found again so that all your horizontal surfaces are clear and your home looks spotless budding artist and a two-year-old demolition trainee and a cat who barely has space left to make a mess! This means that we have an abundance of paper with beautifully painted pictures drying around the house, piles of paper, books, and magazines stacked up in areas

Crafts Interior Design 2011

Crafts Interior Design 2011, Crafts style or Craftsman Style also labelled Mission style is a fusion of the aesthetic and the functional. It is characterized by simple design with a focus on craftsmanship and the use of natural materials. Wood is used heavily, usually with joints and handwork exposed. Textiles are handwoven and colours are rich with pattern and colour. possible to source antique and reproduction items with which to furnish your home. This lens lists current items on both eBay and Amazon, plus books and other resources. 

Gustav Stickley followed this philosophy when he founded Craftsman Workshops. He believed that well-crafted and designed furnishings could help "make life better and truer by its perfect simplicity simplicity of the arts and crafts style should flow to all areas of the house. Keep ornamentation to a minimum and ensure that all objects are displayed carefully. Pewter plates, goblets and dishes were all popular during

Sample Home Interior Design

Sample Home Interior Design, tudent of interior design college You are in the right place. Are you looking for inspiration or advice on how to design and create mood Design blog about interior design,new design concepts and ideas, interior designers and design companies which stand out from the crowd and design tips for interior of your house, shop or office Stone used on the walls is different from the floor. 

For walls, use type of coral stone, shiny white or black. The shape is slightly flattened to the size of each stone is almost identical. As for the floor, use a white stone Interior Design Mose House was designed by nendo, This project involved renovating an old wooden house on the Shibuya River in Tokyo’s Ebisu neighbourhood into a live-work space.  Furniture Fashion just received these submission pictures for decorative concrete floors that would be perfect for the contemporary home

Perfect Colors For Home Interior

Perfect Colors For Home Interior, Whether you are an experienced decorator or new homeowner painting for the first time choosing the exact paint color from the hundreds available can be a daunting task decorating your home, start the same way a designer would by thinking about the colors and styles you and your family like most. 

In my book there are two quizzes to help readers beginning with a home full of possessions or one empty room, you need to look closely at both the permanent features and personal items room now and imagine the feel and functionality you want for the room. If you have a clear vision as you think idea of the colors you want to include in your scheme. If not, then you can look around for something to inspire a fabulous 

Home Wall Interior Design 2011

Home Wall Interior Design 2011, home, workplace, dorm, or store with stencil art. Decorate your walls, bed post, refrigerator, windows, tables, store fronts, doors, and more! Stencils reusable stickers are the perfect and convenient way to adorn and decorate any space. Easy to peel off to stick on walls, doors, windows, tables, refrigerators, and more! Perfect for nurseries, homes decorating a room for your kid 

Do you want something unusual? Paint a stunning mural in one weekend with your family Perfect for nurseries, homes, stores, dorms, and anywhere else! It'll liven up any room and give it a new vibrant life