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Dear Future Kenya Entrepreneur

If you are one of those Kenyans who is looking for a great business idea, you might one to think of this.... The business of selling information. This is one of the most exciting businesses in the world. Think about this, there are thousands of magazines and newspapers, millions of book titles, billions of websites and online-databases, not to mention hundreds of TV channels and radio stations. We are drowning in information.

But, time is our most valuable asset. Since all of us are already on information overload, with too little time to absorb it, we all are looking for information that’s "time friendly." Nobody wants to waste time reading, analyzing and reorganizing general data to fit every unique circumstance and problem. We all want information that’s simple, easy to use and provides fast results....

Action: you have a great future if you can find a way organize, simplify, personalize and package information... over the next few weeks we are going to explore more on this stay tuned..