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SushiBOX Container

Another pop up cafe in a shipping container from Design studio

The 8747 House

This has got to be the best self documented container home build I have seen, step by step how they turn 4 x 40' x 8' shipping containers into an incredible home in a Forrest over looking a river.

Poteet Architects Container Guest House

The Container Guest House is the first of several projects by Poteet Architects we will be featuring. As a national award-winning firm, Poteet Architects is best known for their sensitive adaptive reuse of existing buildings and a fresh, rigorous approach to modern interior design. This project originated from client’s wish to experiment with shipping containers.

Interior Painting Ideas

Interior Painting Ideas, Paint Shop and spend some time there looking around. interior painting ideas Look at different color samples, match color swathes, ask about interior painting ideas brands and the differences between 

Interior Painting Ideas

interior painting ideas technical requirements and procedures interior painting ideas

Contemporary Home Decorating Ideas

Contemporary Home Decorating Ideas, comes to contemporary decorating ideas, 'less is more' is a phrase that defines it perfectly.  best contemporary home decorating ideas about 

Contemporary Home Decorating Ideas

contemporary home decorating ideas is that they are simplistic, minimal and free from contemporary home decorating ideas

House Interior Painting Ideas

House Interior Painting Ideas, first step that you need to take is to measure how much paint would the project interior painting ideas done by obtaining measurements of the walls to be painted. house interior painting ideas furniture from the room to be painted. 

House Interior Painting Ideas

house interior painting ideas possible, shift it to the center of the room away from the house interior painting ideas with tarpaulin sheets.

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas,  master bedroom is the largest one among all the other bedrooms in your house. bedroom interior design ideas of scope to experiment with the designs of the bedroom. 

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

bedroom interior design ideas for this bedroom in a way that it reflects the personality bedroom interior design ideas occupants.

Mediterranean Interior Design

Mediterranean Interior Design, Mediterranean coasts have a warm and balmy climate conducive to outdoor mediterranean interior design and this is effect is brought interior of the house. 

Mediterranean Interior Design

mediterranean interior design is popular retain the old charm of mediterranean interior design styles

Living Room Design

Living Room Design, The living room, needless to say, is the first impression, that a guest has of the house, and its inhabitants. living room design of the house, there are certain aspects of a 

Living Room Design

living room design that form the basic fundamentals of the living room design décor and overall appearance.

5 Kids Bedroom Layouts From Tumidei

The rooms are minimalist, making parents must think creatively to design a house. Sometimes parents prefer a design that saves space. Thus, the chosen angular Kids Bedroom Layouts for their children. 5 Stylish Angular Kids Bedroom Layouts From Tumidei is a design that saves a lot of storage space. This design is suitable for both men and women.

Some furniture such as cabinets, bookshelves, bed, desk and so on, is a lacquered furniture with a set of coupled melaminic different details. 5 Stylish Angular Kids Bedroom Layouts From Tumidei below will inspire you, and can you make reference to determine a wise decision in designing your child’s bedroom.

Developing and managing e-book collections

Developing and managing e-book collections on a budget 8th July 2011

A recent report in The Guardian on the popularity of e-books points out that both Waterstone’s and Amazon in the UK say that sales of e-books outstrips the sale of hardback books while in the USA Amazon sells 105 e-books for every 100 print books.

In April The Guardian looked at the growth of e-book lending by UK public libraries. Phil Bradley, vice president of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (Cilip), was reported as saying: "It's a 24/7 service; you don't have to physically look after the books; you're able to get books to people who can't get to the library, such as shift workers and those who live in rural areas; the readers can choose the size of the font, which helps the visually impaired; it's flexible and it helps to outreach library service."

As part of our Preparing for the Future programme, SINTO is offering an course to help your library service prepare for the impact of e-books.

Developing and managing e-book collections on a budget: an introduction is designed to support libraries in any sector that are beginning to set up e-book collections. The course will also facilitate consideration of the new opportunities e-books offer for libraries and users in academic, public and special library and information services, and will explore some of the significant collection management and promotional issues which challenge information and library staff.

Further information here.

Bayside Marina Hotel

Bayside Marina Hotel, by Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects, in Kanagawa, Japan – It consists of 31 hotel guest rooms, which are made from 40 ft. steel shipping containers.
In Japan the cost of labor and building material are quite expensive. The affordable solution is to import the buildings themselves, not the building material, resulting in low-cost transportation and a short period of construction.
Based on that, in the Bayside Marina Hotel project, used containers were prefabricated in Thailand. Both interior and exterior of the guest rooms were completed at the factory, ready to be transported to Japan.

Phil Pauley - Survival Room Container

Survival Rooms are container-sized units that offer total protection within an enclosed capsule. These self-sufficient emergency life support systems have been conceived by internationally recognised Designer Phil Pauley to withstand extraordinary natural and manmade disaster conditions and save thousands of lives.
The units are constructed from a reinforced steel frame and insulated Bi-steel walls. The unit has seating for 70 adults and/or children with a limited amount of standing room and wheelchair access. Individuals are able to adjust their seat height and also their protective seat bar and headrest attachment is also adjustable.

The future of the library

Seth Godin is an author, speaker and marketing guru with an interest in libraries.

Seth Godin's blog The future of the Library: what is a public library for? explores the changing role of libraries. According to Seth the role has changed from "The library as warehouse for books worth sharing" to "The library is a house for the librarian". The future according to Seth is built around e-books and electronic information. He concludes

"There are one thousand things that could be done in a place like this [the library], all built around one mission: take the world of data, combine it with the people in this community and create value".

He also suggests that "Librarians that are arguing and lobbying for clever ebook lending solutions are completely missing the point. They are defending library as warehouse as opposed to fighting for the future, which is librarian as producer, concierge, connector, teacher and impresario".

This resonates with the new SINTO training programme Preparing for the future. We have identified two linked themes. The first "Impact" looks at the fundamental question "What is the library for?" The SINTO Members' Day will look at one aspect of this. The second theme is technology and how that will affect libraries. We are running a course on e-book collections. Incidentally, this course may well look at "clever e-book lending solutions"! I am not convinced that we are missing the point here but it is an interesting issue for debate.

But how concerned are librarians with "The Future"? Inevitably many librarians are focused on the present. The financial year end is the future that we are most concerned with. But we all know in our hearts that there are times when we have to get out of the office and take the longer term view. The SINTO training programme is designed to help you achieve that.

Bedroom Wall Colors

Bedroom Wall Colors, Muted colors are those colors whose brightness is suppressed or improved using a complementary color. Bedroom Wall Colors give a soothing and a cool effect to the bedroom and are best bedroom wall colors. Bedroom Wall Colors cozy look bedroom helps you to get a good sleep at night.

Bedroom Wall Colors

 Bedroom Wall Colors is small, then choosing muted colors is a smart way of making the Bedroom Wall Colors look 

Home Interior Colors

Home Interior Colors, You can transform the entire appearance of your home with the right interior paint colors.Home Interior Colors is knowing which interior paint colors are right for your home and in which interior paint color combinations. Home Interior Colors choosing safe and conventional interior paint colors, why not take the time to

Home Interior Colors

 Home Interior Colors research new possibilities

BIR participates in EBLIP6

The sixth Evidence-Based Library and Information Practice Conference (EBLIP6) takes place 27-30 June 2011 at the University of Salford.

As part of a LISRC sponsored session, Val Skelton will take part in a panel session entitled 'Meet the Editors' on 30 June. Other journals featuring alongside BIR on the panel include Education for Information and Journal of Documentation.

The session aims to encourage as may professionals as possible to write, contribute or act as a peer reviewer for professioanl publications.

More details of the conference are available here.

Home Interior Decorating

Home Interior Decorating, Decorating your home based on a theme unifies it, gives it a complete look, and home plan flow that runs from one room to another. Home Interior Decorating of a room may vary based on its purpose and the people using it, Home Interior Decorating of the theme can be found Home Interior Decorating

Home Interior Decorating

Home Interior Decorating of the theme can be found Home Interior Decorating

Home Interior Paint Color Ideas

Home Interior Paint Color Ideas, best interior paint color ideas. Home Interior Paint Color Ideas does not mean you hire an interior decorator and leave all up to her. Your Home Interior Paint Color Ideas should reflect your personality and style and the best way to do it is to choose your own Home Interior Paint Color Ideas.

Home Interior Paint Color Ideas

Home Interior Paint Color Ideas best way to do it is to choose your own Home Interior Paint Color Ideas.

Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Apartment Interior Design Ideas, Latest Interior Design is a very nice projekt and Apartment Interior fest plan a layout and Apartments usually tend to be smaller and hence, designing them in the right way is essentia a Interior Design apartment must be the primary aim while you Apartment work on its interior design ideas, Apartmen a become either a frustrating limitation or an exciting design challengefor Apartmen Interior Design Ideas.

Modern Apartment Interior Design in the apartment, you are ready to assemble your interior design ideas such items out of the apartment. Apartment Interior Design make a list of big items you need to add to your apartment interior design considerable amount for Apartment space a good Stylish and Classic apartment interior design ideas

Apartment Interior more information on interior design ideas, Apartment Interior search the money Apartment saving tips and secrets to facilitate your Apartment design goals without having a apartment interior design ideas

Luxury Home Interior Design

Luxury Home Interior Design, best Interior Design there are simple ways that we can easily follow to live in a Luxury Home Interior Design and Fashionable Home for Interior Design ideas sourced products and materials for projects is often a popular homeowners because it saves shipping costs, and helps to integrate the Luxury Home custom cabinetry, much easier and faster to work with a local shop Luxury Home that can measure.

Luxury home interior design does not necessarily mean that have to throw away all your Luxury Home just to achieve the look of sophistication and class Luxury Home spend much more time Luxury Home than men in the Luxury Home, Luxury Home Interior Design, needs good amount of investment. Luxury Home Interior Design, have the best looks for their Luxury Home in getting

Best luxury home interior design following these great tips without breaking the bank a Luxury Home residential as well as commercial Luxury Home Interior Design projects.