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CILIP's conversation produces results

Following the 'conversation' about the future of CILIP, CILIP Council has approved a new vision and mission for the organisation.


A fair and economically prosperous society is underpinned by literacy, access to information and the transfer of knowledge.

CILIP exists to
Promote and support the people who work to deliver this vision.
Be the leading voice for information, library and knowledge practitioners, working to advocate strongly, provide unity through shared values and develop skills and excellence

The roadmap for change is available here.

Information on the move – the future is mobile

Martin White has long been known for working at the frontiers of information practice. Watch out for his contribution to the December issue of BIR which focuses on the potential of smart phones for location-independent information delivery. Who doesn’t carry their mobile phone with them more or less wherever they are?

The potential of developments in mobile-specific apps are already prompting new, up to the minute delivery routes from Elsevier, Factiva, LexisNexis and the ACS. The advice for information professionals on how to take mobile access forwards in their organisation is timely and practical.

The importance of mobile access is confirmed by a recent survey on people’s online activities mentioned in the December Initiatives column which evidences how the growth in social networking is being fuelled by the transition from PC to mobile.

National Libraries making waves in supporting business

BIR features the National Library of Scotland in its December 2010 issue. Maureen Ridley presents its SCOTBIS service and demonstrates tactics for reaching remote users. National libraries are showing the way too in how they partner with other organisations to support economic development.

Free resources for special libraries

Free resources covering the following may be downloaded from the CILIP website:

* Ten aspects of good practice for information and library services
* Are you at risk checklist
* Resource list of additional information

Meet the Editors at Online Information 2010

Val and Sandra will be at the Sage stand (334) on Wednesday 1st December between 1pm and 3pm.

If you would like to come along and talk to us about the journal or if you have any ideas for an article we would love to meet you.

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