Superstar Marketing

You may have heard of the expression “Stars are made, not born.” There is lot of truth to that. Beyonce Knowles (left) may have a killer voice or David Beckham may have a superb foot , but talent alone doesn’t make thousands or even millions of people buy CDs or fill stadium seats.

Successful entertainment events don’t just happen. People plan them. Whether a concert or football game, the application of sound marketing principals helps to ensure that funs will continue to support activity and buy tickets.

Many of the famous people that you pay to see became famous with the help of shrewd marketing: they and their managers developed a “product” that appeals to some segment of the population. Indeed, some of the same principals that go into creating a celebrity apply to you. An entertainer–whether P.Diddy or Pavoratti–must “package” his talent, identify a target market that is likely to be interested, and work hard to gain exposure to these potential customers by appearing in the right music venues.

In the same way, people “package” themselves by summing up their accomplishments on resumes and distributing it to potential buyers “employers”. All I am trying to say is that marketing not only applies to products and services, but also to people. Sure, there are differences in how we go about marketing each of these, but in general, the idea remains the same: Marketing is a fundamental part of our lives both as consumers and as players in the business world. - Marketing the Road Success