Hottest Business Opportunities in Kenya

There are lots of low-cost small business opportunities in Kenya today. Let me wet your appetite a little with these tidbits from the Small Business Magazine. These are 10 of the one hundred hottest small business opportunities in Kenya today.

1. Computer Consulting:

This is one of the hottest in demand businesses that you can start. If you know computers, your biggest problem will be not having enough hours in the day to serve all the clients. Computer consultants take a broader view of an organization and its computer needs in an effort to help them solve information-management problems of all kinds. They combine hardware and software expertise to explore possibilities for how a computer can help them accomplish their goals. Computer consultants do different types of work: Business requirements analysis, technical support, management of the system, maintenance of the system, software analysis, hardware acquisition and installation, periodic evaluations/audits, etc.

2. Tutoring:
Tutoring is one of the cheapest, easiest and profitable businesses to start, with a few business cards, brochures and flyers you can be in business today.

The prospects for tutoring look good in the years to come. The growing dissatisfaction in the quality of classroom education propels the growth of scholastic tutoring, both in subject areas and in preparing students for qualifying examinations. A tutor has an advantage of being able to offer individual attention. And he/she can particularize and customize what he/she teaches to the level and needs of each student. Many people prefer such individual instruction because it allows them to learn at their own pace without the pressure of peers or authorities.

3. Advertising Agency:
If you ever dream of launching your own small business, you can’t find a better opportunity today than the advertising field! Why? Because advertising is a growth industry. And, Advertising agency—with its low cost of entry, high profit margins and huge potential earnings—provides arguably one of the greatest small business opportunities. Advertisers spend billions of shillings each year to get their messages and products to their potential customers.

4. Videotaping Service:
You may not win a producer-of-the-year award, but you'll win the appreciation of your clients when you capture their weddings, graduations, parties, reunions, bar mitzvahs, birthdays and more on your camcorder. Keep the film rolling at special events, and then edit a final version for clients' own special screenings.

5. Computer Repair
6. Public Relations Agency
7. Graphic design and custom printing
8.Real Estate Agency
9. Real Estate Marketing
10. Travel Agency

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