Catch me if you can

I knew something was up when I couldn't think of a single movie released in the last couple of months. My wife asked me when I'd last watched a commercial as I switched between TV channels during commercial breaks. I couldn’t remember, though I'm sure an occasional “Ad” gets through. This fact caused additional realizations for me. It's been years since I listened to a radio commercial. My mail is sorted before it gets to me. I screen telephone solicitations and I route unwanted emails directly to my Junk Email Box. The truth is, I've become almost unreachable to marketers.

How do you market to someone like me? What do you do as this behavior becomes the norm?

If I’m your target market, how confident are you that your marketing messages are making it through to me? Marketing isn't about giving your message; it's about your potential customers receiving your message. So remember to start your marketing efforts by identifying your target market (the ideal customers for your business). Then find the best channels/methods for accessing these potential customers. Find a way to access these prospects in the best manner for them to hear your message, and then ensure your message moves them to action.

In addition to all this, I maintain that the best way to market is to create a remarkable business. No matter how much we use technology to shield us from the marketers’ messages, referral marketing will never go away.
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